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Achuzat Sara - a home for children and youth
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Achuzat Sara

Who We Are


Smile and be educated.
Achuzat Sara is a warm, supportive, year-round home
for approximately 140 children, ages 6-18. Here, they have
the opportunity to “smile and be educated”,
to grow up in a family environment with a sense of belonging
and develop self-confidence, while growing,
flourishing and progressing towards a better future.
The children are referred by the welfare authorities
after having been removed from their homes
in the belief that an out-of-home placement will be beneficial
to them, both now and in the future.

At Achuzat Sara, they are welcomed with open arms, love and a smile.
The children are educated in a national-religious framework
that instills moral, ethical, social and religious values.
Our goal is to provide each child with a happy childhood that will prepare him or her for independent adulthood and help them realize their full potential in the future.

Achuzat Sara is part of the countrywide network of educational institutions belonging to Emuna, the National Religious Women's Organization, which was awarded the Israel Prize. However, the Children's Home fundctions as an independent foundation. Mr. Shmuel Ron is the director of Achuzat Sara.

Board of Directors: Mrs. Dina Hahn, Adv., Chairwoman.
Members: Mrs. Hannah Melamed, Mrs. Liora Minka, Mrs. Ada Karrel, Mrs. Yehudit Pollak, Mrs. Magda Halevy,
Mrs. Ellen-Toby Kaufman, Mrs. Malka Graucher.

The doors of the Children’s Home have always been open to provide children with a warm refuge and a secure future.
Even before the declaration of the State of Israel, Achuzat Sara was home to children who survived the Holocaust
and other impoverished young immigrants. Years passed and the problems have changed: Today, the children come to Achuzat Sara from all parts of Israel, after having been referred by the welfare authorities.

Over the years, our unique and innovative educational approaches based on accumulated experience and hard work
have earned us a good reputation. We have developed new, unique educational techniques that have benefited
thousands of children in Israel.

Within Achuzat Sara, children are nurtured in a variety of settings, according to their individual needs:
dormitories, family-style groups, therapeutic groups and the 'Beit Bogrot' residence for the 16-18 year old girls.
The purpose of all these settings is to help the children acquire the basic skills required for a successful departure into an independent life.

After more than 50 years of educational efforts, we are proud of thousands of graduates who have successfully integrated
into all segments of Israeli society as confident and beneficial citizens.